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Car Rental

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RIVER'S CAR Terms of Rental

Article 1 - The customer undertakes to use lock and protection systems, and keeps the keys of the vehicle.

Article 2 - The rent is personal, and only the people whose name appears on the rental agreement are authorized to drive the vehicle. At the time of - car rental pick up, each driver will be required to provide a valid driving license, dating 1 year and more.

Article 3 - The charges are calculated in accordance to 24-hour units. Rent stops after the restitution of the keys and documents relative to the vehicle. In case of not restitution of keys and those documents, rent will be extend until the customer provide an official certificate of loss. A charge will be applied for duplicata of documents and keys.

Article 4 - The vehicle is delivered clean, in perfect working order, and with all the normal accessories. The vehicle will have to be returned in the same state and the same level of fuel when pickup. A charge will be apply if fuel level at return is lower than fuel at pickup. The customer undertakes not to use the vehicle in the following cases :

  • outside the passable ways,
  • transport of goods,
  • carriage for reward,
  • push ou trail any vehicle,
  • car races,
  • under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs or other substances affecting his capacity to react, 
  • disregard for traffic laws.
Article 5 - A guarantee (according to the type of vehicle) will be asked to the customer.  If no dispute between customer and renter, this guarantee will be given back at the return of the vehicle.
Payment of the rent will be required at the pickup of the vehicle. Guarantee can't be used in case of extension of the rent; the custmer must return to the rental station before the end of his contract. The renter reserves the right to refuse the extension of the lease. Unless extension authorized by the renter, the failure to return the vehicle to the scheduled return date constitutes a misuse exposing the customer to lawsuits. 

If you get involved in any accident, you must contact the renter and the local police within 24 hours. It is advised that you do keep all the significant documentation, you might be asked for it. The documentation will be required when you wish to claim for insurance. 

Article 6 - ACCIDENT

The customer will benefit from guarantees if he/she is not liable in the accident.

However, an incompressible franchise will stay in charge to the customer at the current rate, in the following cases:

  • when the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle is committed 
  • when the third party in charge is not identified and when no report was put back within 24 hours following the disaster. 
  • After the degradation of the vehicle due to an act of vandalism 
  • Glass breakage not consecutive to an accident.
  • The damages caused under and atthe top the vehicle are not covered by the guarantee.

Article 7 - Fire and Theft

The customer is guaranteed in case of fire of the vehicle not consecutive to an accident. Are excluded from the guarantee the fires caused by carried objects.

Customer is guaranteed in case of theft of the vehicle, with a franchise which value is the double of current rate.

Objects carried by the vehicule, car stereos, the theft of the accessories of the vehicle are not covered by the guarantee.

Article 8 - PASSENGERS

A subscription to this optional insurance allows to cover the driver and the passengers within number of places specified on the vehicule registration document.

Article 9 - Will be excluded from the different guarantees:


  • The damage caused deliberately by the insurant
  • All damages committed on the vehicle in case impounding véhicles,
  • The expenses for repair and towing charge of the vehicle,
  • The damage caused to tyres,
  • The damage when the driver was under the influence of an alcohol, drugs or other narcotics,
  • The damage to the vehicle when the driver has not a valid driving license,
  • The damages caused on the bottom and top of the vehicle,
  • In a general way the damage consecutive to the use of the vehicle in violation of the article 4 of the general terms of rental,
  • The not acceptance of damage and theft guarantees, the market value of the vechicle will be charged to the customer (in case of total loss of the vehicle).

In case of damage to property on the vehicle, River'S will make all the procedures to repair the vehicle. If th liability of the customer is real, he can not refuse or suspend the payment of the amounts of which he is indebted, if his responsibility is engaged.